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- dancer -

I kiss the sky as the sun burns in my eyes,
I stare at the sun and I love how afterwards reality becomes purple, green, yellow and blue.
In everything there is something extraordinary, routine of simplicity and surprises. 
For me living is about existing. Existing as the empty moment between inhalation and exhalation, existing as explosion of feelings, existing alone, existing in the middle of the street and existing in the delicate movement of the brunches in the wind.
I became a dancer because I want to exist in this world as a dancing soul.
Free to express myself, life is an intimate, careless and precious performance. 

Stage experience




Strata . Marta Wörner

MMXX Maserati event . in collaboration with Cafelulé for FeelRouge Ws

Have you ever seen a snow leopard?  . happening performace solo creation              


Train of thoughts  . happening performance from Tanzmainz dancers                     


Tambora . Giuseppe Spota for the Tanzmainz  ensemble



Krawall im Kopf  . Felix Berner for young audience with Tanzmainz

Falling in  . Marta Worner

Sketch .  Adrijana Dancevska 

Talent on the Move  . (Dutch tour) Performig works by Hofesch Schechter, Marco Goecke, Ishan Rustem





Tanzmainz Staatstheater Mainz apprentice


Codarts University of the Arts


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